Folding Vs Scrunching

Many people are unaware that there is a great division and debate as to the best the method of holding the toilet paper before using it:

  • Folders -They fold the toilet paper (or possibly wrap around the hand) so it is flat on their hand
  • Scrunchers – they scrunch the toilet paper and hold the bottom half before using it

Folders do not understand why Scrunchers’ scrunch and Scrunchers do not understand why Folders’ fold.

Arguments FOR Folding
Here are some of the arguments Folders use to explain why their approach is best:

  • It’s cleaner as it covers a greater area than scrunching
  • It’s more efficient as it uses less sheets than scrunching (e.g. Marines taught to be Folders)
  • It’s more consistent as every scrunch is different
  • Folding allows for greater control and access, particularly with use of the middle finger
  • Folding enables easy refolding for further wipes

Arguments FOR Scrunching
Here are some of the arguments Scrunchers use to explain why their approach is best:

  • It’s quicker and easier than folding
  • Scrunching allows you to achieve greater purchase on the toilet paper for a harder and more thorough wipe
  • Scrunching keeps your fingers further away from the ‘danger zone’
  • A good scrunch allows the user to rescrunch for further wipes

Why do you Scrunch or Fold?

33 thoughts on “Folding Vs Scrunching

  1. I push mine righ up my fooking shitter to make sure all the shit gets cleaned out. As for this subject and advertising campaign well it beggars beleif that we have become so distateful.
    fold or scrunch .Nooooooooooo………..ram it up your shitter i say

  2. I fold. So much more efficient as you use less toilet paper. For you scrunchers out there please try folding, it will change your life.

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  4. You need to do the full magazine technique. This requires the fold for a desired surface area and toilet paper thickness. I usually pull a good amount of TP out and then fold until satisfaction and put the first TP between my thumb and pointer finger. Then fold another and put that between my pointer and middle finger. Then in between middle and ring then ring and pinky. Then I have one folded TP “sheet” in my wiping hand for wipe 1 while also having the full TP magazine ready to use immediately. If you need to reload then it is easiest enough to grab more but usually the full Magazine is satisfactory. Friends of mine say I could be wasteful but I tell them its a small price and I would rather be safe than sorry.

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