Andrex Scrunch or Fold

It is great to see that Andrex is joining in the great scrunch or fold debate in their latest advertising campaign.

Of course, I very much approve! However, it would have been nice if they had gone into the pros and cons of each method and how to do each way properly? But then, I guess, it would not fit with their family brand.


29 thoughts on “Andrex Scrunch or Fold

    • What a load of shit
      Why do I want to know how people wipe there arses
      Can andrex not think outside the box. Just do something where the dog dies. Boo hoo lots of People cry because they don’t understand fact from fiction go out buy extra shit roll to dry there sad faces. Just like the marketing people of andrex who thought it would be wacky and down with the kids to come up with something so dumb

      Ps. I fold

      • To be pedantic, scrunching or folding is not how people wipe their arse, but just how people hold the paper before they get to the business of wiping.

        I’m not sure advertising/marketing is your strong suit 🙂 An advert with a dog dying might be good for Kleenex tissues but not for toilet paper. The scrunch or fold debate is not wacky or down with the kids as this debate has been going on for ages, Andrex have just decided to bring it into the mainstream as people are very divided on the matter. Witnessing or participating an argument between a folder and scruncher about which method is best is quite funny.

        Andrex have done this campaign as it gets people talking about the issue, regardless of whether you think it’s a good advertising campaign or not, it has got you talking about it.

    • Hi Sam, I’ve had this come up in discussion with people before (I’ve done a shameful amount of research on this topic) and if you are someone who wraps the paper round your hand then you are considered an inefficient folder! 🙂 You are creating the the same effect as a folder but you will use more toilet paper … unless you use the back of your hand as well??

  1. Never heard as much crap in my life, do we really need to know and share how people clean shit from their bottoms, what gluehead thought this ad campaign up he should be run outta town, i personally find the Hole thing disgusting.

    • Remember, it’s not the actual wiping, just how people hold the toilet paper. A lot of people are not aware there are such opposing methods and had previously assumed everyone did it the way they did it. This makes it interesting. The fact that we are talking about it, means the ad campaign had an impact. Normally, Andrex adverts have very little impact at all.

      • this is the worst advertising campaign ive ever seen, i no longer buy andrex as i have visions of people wiping there arses, dont want that thanks.. no more andrex

      • haha 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you are so susceptible to visions created from advertising campaigns. Scrunching or folding is not actually about the wipe, as such, just how you hold the paper before you start wiping. I’m guessing you’re a folder?

  2. I would say that the only way to determine such a probability that functions in a way of coinsiding with life is to hold a duel. I expect the compeitiors in this highly prestigious competition to be at Howard Avenue, Burgess Hill at precisley three a clock. You must bring your hunting rifles (the ones that you catch pheasant with) then we shall determine the winner of this debate once and for all.

  3. People who fold should be hung drawn and quartered, if you fold it’s like using slicks and that’s a wet track down there!! Do you feel me?

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