Scrunch or Fold: Differences between Men & Women?

Gender difference in the scrunch vs folding debate does not seem to be prevalent with current evidence, but people have hypothesised scrunching is actually better for men, whereas for women either method could be fine.

The reason for this hypothesis is that many men have hairy bums.

Hairy bums mean dirtier bottoms and are best cleaned through a firm wipe. As scrunching enables stronger purchase on the toilet tissue the user can, as some put it, “get right in there” for a thorough wipe without fear that the fingers will get too close to the bum hole or dirtiness.


2 thoughts on “Scrunch or Fold: Differences between Men & Women?

  1. Hi I would like o encourage you to take a street test and ask people that question.
    I myself did an extensive survey during my uni days and found some staggering results after which i came to a conclusion and developed my own why some fold and why some scrunch hypothesis. If you are interested i will be posting it on my website soon.

    Lets just say there is and interesting trend in who folds and who scrunches considering not only gender but also the sexual disposition.

    more on my site

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